It's that time of year again and the kids are going back to school and schedules get busier and the pool maintenance can end up last on the list of things to do. By the weekend your ready to swim but the pool has gotten away from you and is not looking too pretty. Don't worry, your pool situation can be revived and with a little structure you can make it a habit to take care of the pool with ease so you can get back to enjoying the pool.


The kids are going back to school and the schedules start getting busier and sometimes taking care of the pool becomes overwhelming at this time of year. We've been there raising 4 kids all within 4 1/2 years of age while running a business. We know there can be so many things you try to remember that the pool slips to the wayside. By the time you get to the weekend and your ready to unwind and go for a swim the pool hasn't been tended to and isn't in the greatest condition. To help us maintain the pool at this busy time of the year we created Back to School Pool Tools that can be printed and put on your refrigerator where you will see it to help remind you of the weekly maintenance needed for a clear swimming pool that you can enjoy.

A little reminder is all you need

Summer isn't over yet and the summer heat won't be letting up either. Even if your not using the pool as often, the pool still needs a little maintenance to operate optimally. Think of it like a little TLC like you would give your lawn, if you don't cut the grass it will continue to grow, if you don't take take care of the pool the issues will grow and so will some algae most likely. 

It takes 21 days to make a habit

With our pool tools we can help you integrate some structure to create a habit of maintaining your pool easily to keep you swimming and enjoying that luxury in your backyard. 

Download our Pool Tools

For Our free pool tools tip sheet click the link below to download the file and print it out. Our pool tools chart stays on our fridge to remind us often to care for the pool and what needs upkeep.  

Back To School Pool Tools (pdf)


Coming Soon

Pool tool magnets coming soon to our store

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  • Remember, the summer weather season goes through the end of September. Pools should remain opening and running through the end of September. This ensures a better opening season in the spring.
  • Run the pool a minimum of 12 hours daily, we recommend from sun up to sun down.
  • Fill up chlorinate floaters and feeders to full capacity. When you are busy it is easy to forget to check on the pool. It is during this time that pools frequently run out of chlorine. Filling up feeders and floaters to full capacity will ensure that does not happen
  • We use a special water treatment that boosts chlorine effectiveness and helps to kill and inhibit the growth of green, yellow, and black algae. The strong synergy with adequate chlorine levels reduces pool shocking and additional chlorine usage by 25% - 65%. An ideal product for busy back to school schedules