When is the best time to open the pool?

The choice is always up to you for when you decide to open the pool but we do have some recommendations on when is the best time to open the pool for the season read about it at the link below

CDC Guidance on COVID-19 and Treated Pool & Spa Water

We have received many concerns regarding whether COVID-19 could be transmitted in pools and hot tubs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has finally released official guidance regarding this issue and can be read at the link below

Re-Ignite the Romance This Valentine's Day

Hot tub tips to re-ignite the romance this Valentine's Day

Pools and Spas While Traveling

To swim or not to swim when traveling? Not all hotel pools and spas are maintained equally. In this blog we share what to look out for so you can make the best educated decision for you and your family on whether or not to swim. We also discuss how to know if the pool or spa is dirty and what you can do about it. We share this information as this is something we recently experienced over our holiday travel and felt guided to share our knowledge so others can make the best educated decisions on whether or not to use a hotel pool or spa.

Tips for Chemical Storage for Winter Season

Tips on how to safely store and dispose of pool and spa chemicals 

for the winter season

Closing Your Own Pool

What you need to know

Back to School Pool Tools

Simple and easy tools to help anchor in a pool maintenance routine 

Vacation Checklists

Download our vacation checklists to help prepare your pool before you leave for vacation and care tips for when you return. You can also download our pool watcher checklist with instructions for friends and family that will be watching in the pool while you are away

Clear Water Doesn't Mean Balanced Water

Owner, Michele will speak on water clarity within the swimming pool and how water clarity is not the only variable of a swimming pool with balanced water chemistry. 

Check back next week for the video here or feel free to check out our IGTV next week when the episode airs.