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Designed and Engineered for performance

Hydropool's Serenity Hot Tub line is designed with state of the art equipment and quality features.The Serenity Hot Tub line is recognized worldwide for excellence and innovation. With an industry leading guarantee, award winning quality features, NASA inspired science, integrated wellness programs, and energy efficiency the Serenity Hot Tub line allows you to enjoy peace and serenity everyday all in your own backyard.  

Benefits of Hot Tubs Include

  • Soothes tired & aching muscles
  • Relieves arthritic & migraine pain
  • Relieves stress & tension
  • Helps you work, play & sleep better
  • Helps rekindle romance & friendships
  • Brings families together

Hydropool Tubs are the #1 choice of professional sports teams worldwide

 Including teams such as the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers of the NHL, The Toronto Raptors and the New York Nicks of the NBA.

Life with a Serenity Hot Tub is a whole lot better

Medical evidence proves that regular use of a hot tub is not only relaxing and has a positive effect on one's wellbeing. Hydrotherapy is good for your body, mind and soul. When you get in a Serenity Hot Tub you will feel the benefits of hydrotherapy, warm soothing water, invigorating and pulsating jet streams, and natural buoyancy. Enjoy day or night, inside or out, by yourself or with family and friends. The Serenity Hot Tub line is unlike any other offering the blend of innovative design and science with luxury comfort and wellness all in your backyard. 

Read more on the quality features and details of the Hydropool's Serenity Hot Tub Line as well as their Evergreen Commitment and NASA inspired innovative science by clicking the button below.

Alpine Mist


Tuscan Sun


Quartz Mist


Silver Marble


Sky Blue


Midnight Canyon


Black Opal


Polar White


Espresso Dura


Driftwood Dura


Black Cherry Everlast Upgrade


Midnight Everlast Upgrade


Serenity 4000


Serenity 5000


Serenity 5500


Serenity 6000



Serenity 7000


Serenity 5 Special Edition


The Serenity line of Hot Tubs are recognized worldwide for their quality features click below to see all the features and details that make a 

Serenity Hot Tub different from the rest