need to getaway

We all need a break often to reset and 

de-stress so we can show up as our best selves. Leaving your pool shouldn't be a fearsome experience. It's never fun to go away on vacation and come back to a green, black, cloudy, or algae infested pool. 


Vacation is needed, coming home to a green pool isn't

Here are some tips and checklists that we use for pool maintenance before we leave on vacation to ensure the pool is flowing smoothly while we are gone and is doing so when we get back.

Biggest Priority = Chlorine

The most important component of pool maintenance of a functioning swimming pool is not only balanced water but chlorine. Chlorine is the pools line of defense against contaminants. Chlorine is what eliminates bacteria and sanitizes the pool to ensure safe swimming. Optimal chlorine levels are necessary to help keep the pool in working order and sanitized. If you are leaving for several days and no one will be watching the pool make sure to fill your skimmers, chlorinators, and feeders full of tablets as no one will be around to replenish them once they have dissolved. 

Key Points

Without chlorine bacteria can spread, algae can form, and next thing you know you have a swamp in your backyard.

More chlorine is always better than not enough

Unwind, take a load off, and de-stress knowing your swimming pool is prepared for you to take a few days away. Our tips can help prepare your pool to operate smoothly so you can enjoy your vacation and come home to a crystal clear balanced pool ready for you to swim in.

Download our Checklists Below

If you are going on vacation we advise using the pre-vacation checklist to prepare your pool before you leave and printing the post vacation checklist before you leave. If you are having a friend or family member watch the pool we advise printing the pool watcher checklist and leaving it for them to give them instructions to care for the pool while you are away. With our checklists pool maintenance can be simple.

Pre-Vacation Checklist (pdf)


Pool Watcher Checklist (pdf)


Post Vacation Checklist (pdf)


A clear pool doesn't mean a balanced pool in terms of water chemistry. Unbalanced water can look clear yet be uncomfortable for swimmers and damaging to your equipment. For example, when pH in the swimming pool is extremely low the water can appear surprisingly clear, yet can be corrosive and could be eating your heater up or eroding your equipment components.

If you come home and want to swim right away check the water with test strips to ensure the water is safe to swim in. Test strips will give you a base idea of where the water chemistry is at.

A proper water analysis is the only way to ensure your pool is completely safe to swim in for you, your family, and your pets too.