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February 14th is Valentine's Day! Re-Ignite the romance all

Valentine's Day is right around the corner

On Valentine’s Day, couples share gifts, time, and romantic gestures to acknowledge and even renew their commitments and passions. For couples who own home spas, a Valentine’s Day hot tub soak can enhance the romance and set the scene for a night to remember.

Every couple is different. Some couples prefer quiet nights in the privacy of their homes over accepting last-minute getaway invitations; others thrive on the unexpected, with each surprise making their love grow stronger.

A hot tub rendezvous makes for a romantic evening that can go late into the night. But your Valentine’s Day celebration doesn’t have to wait until dark. You can surprise your partner with breakfast in bed and then enjoy a therapeutic soothing spa soak before heading into your day.

A hot tub soak on Valentine’s Day is a perfect way to set the scene for a night to reconnect and inspire passion. Here are a few ways you can channel Cupid and plan a special evening for your partner:

  • Hand-write an invitation to join you in the spa. After a long day at work, your partner may not be feeling the romance. But if you greet him or her at the door with an invitation to join you for a soothing jet massage, the right mood won’t be far behind.
  • Nothing breathes romance like the scent of fresh rose petals. Soft and silky red petals that trail from the front door to the spa will add an air of mystery to the evening and help build the desire for romance. Just remember to set the controls, leave out towels, and candles ahead of time so that your spa will be ready and waiting for you. 
  • Set the scene for Romance. After a delicious dinner, light some candles around the hot tub and take advantage of your spa’s lighting and entertainment features. If you have a music-ready spa with a wireless Bluetooth® audio system, you can connect your hot tub to your home entertainment system and enjoy a flirtatious hot tub playlist you created yourself. A little hack we like to use is to put your cellphone in a sandwich baggie to avoid water damage.
  • Chill a little something for refreshment. The hot water and relaxing jets of your spa will make you long for a cool drink that will refresh and hydrate you and your valentine.

Unwinding in your spa is an experience for your senses

You see and hear the bubbling water, encouraging you to sit back and unwind in its restorative embrace; you feel the massaging sensation of the jets against your skin as your muscles gradually release tension and you melt into a state of body bliss. There’s one more sense you can activate to immerse yourself even deeper into this tranquil experience: your sense of smell. By incorporating the benefits of hydro-aromatherapy—soothing scents with potential therapeutic effects—into your daily soak, you can add another sensory dimension to your spa experience. Please proceed with care, however. Using aromatherapy in your hot tub requires certain considerations, which we will discuss below.

Can I use essential oils in a hot tub?

While the thought of using your spa as an oil warmer and diffuser might sound like a good idea, hot tubs aren’t designed to circulate and filter thick substances like oils. Before you drop scented essential oils into the water, consider the possible risks to your spa—and to your wallet, after you find yourself paying for hot tub repairs and replacement parts.

Using Aromatherapy in Your Spa

  • Adding oils or other substances that filters aren’t designed to remove will lead to buildup and other problems over time. A good rule of thumb: If a product isn’t specifically designated for use in a hot tub, don’t add it to your hot tub.
  • Apart from the risks they present to your hot tub, not all essential oils are safe for direct contact with your skin. Homemade hot tub aromatherapy is never a wise choice. It’s a good idea to choose an aromatherapy method that’s free from potential negative side effects for you and your spa.

Crystal clear, circulating water is a vital component of your peaceful home spa dream. Essential oils and homemade hot tub aromatherapy don’t play nicely with that idea. The good news is that there’s a simple way to integrate aromatherapy into your hot tub usage without the risk of costly or damaging side effects.

Enjoy an invigorating soak with the Spazazz Spa Bombzz

These spa bombzz can be used in your hot tub or even in your bath tub. If you use them in your bath tub we recommend only using about 1/4 of the spa bomb as they are usually used in large amounts of water. Unlike essential oils or other homemade forms of hot tub aromatherapy, these ambient scent blends were designed with both your relaxing experience and your hot tub’s performance in mind. We also have a liquid form of spa aromatherapy available in store as well, available in 4 different colors and scents.

Relax in the soothing, fragrant waters of your hot tub, confident your aromatherapy won’t cause any undesired side effects for you or your spa. If you are interested in purchasing please call our office at 847-854-7767 or send us an email to schedule an appointment for pick up.