Opening Recommendations for the best time to open the pool

Swimming season will be starting early this year as many are practicing social isolating and staying home. The kids are out of school and you've run out of activities to keep them occupied at home. Staying home doesn't mean there is a limitation on fun! With your swimming pool you have a getaway in your backyard. Even though the temperatures are still a bit too chilly to swim you can get scheduled to open.

Even if you aren't going to be swimming just yet, we recommend getting the pool opened and getting the water clear and balanced so as soon as the sun is out and the temps are warm your pool is ready to go. See below for our recommendations on when is the optimal time to open the pool.

When you open the pool is a crucial part to a successful opening. The optimal time to open the pool can vary from year to year based on the temperatures we are experiencing. 

If the pool is opened too early and we are still experiencing freezing temperatures there is risk of equipment and lines being damaged. If the pool is opened too late it can be more difficult to clean and balance the water for swimmable conditions. 

Save yourself a nightmare of opening season and get scheduled now before our schedule books up. Even if you aren't going to use the pool just yet we recommend opening earlier rather than later. 

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Opening Early Season

We recommend the earliest time to open is usually around the second week of April once freezing temperatures have passed. If you closed your pool clear and balanced with proper winter chemicals there is a higher chance of the pool opening clear. It is always a great feeling to pull the cover back to crystal clear water to start the season. When opened early spring the pool doesn't need to be run 24/7 it just needs to be opened, circulating, and have chemicals added to maintain sanitation levels. 

Opening Late Season

Every year we hear many stories and see many challenges regarding opening season. Many of which relate to opening the pool too late and battling to get the pool clear and balanced. 

We recommend that the pool be opened no later than mid May for several reasons.

  1. Once the temperatures begin reaching the 50's algae becomes a risk
  2. By the spring time your pool has sat for several months and used up most of the winter chemicals by now, leaving the pool with little protection from bacteria 
  3. With little sanitation, no filtration, no circulation of the water and some warm weather all make for a breeding ground for algae growth
  4. Once algae begins growing and the temperatures keep rising it can be difficult to get under control

The later in the spring you wait to open the pool the longer algae has time to grow out of control under your nice dark, warm cover. To save yourself the frustration and the costs of battling algae we recommend opening sooner rather than later. 

Get Ahead

Even if you are not ready to open just yet you can still schedule your opening for several weeks out. Our schedule books up fast so get ahead of the game and get scheduled early. 

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