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Hydropool Serenity Hot Tubs to enjoy peace & serenity everyday

The Hydropool Serenity Hot Tub line is designed and engineered for performance. For over 35 years Hydropool has evolved with "continuous engineering"  resulting in a hot tub that is renowned worldwide for quality and performance.  The Serenity line of hot tubs is engineered to be the most energy-efficient hot tub built in the world. With several models available and customizable upgrade options, the Serenity line of hot tubs combines innovative design and science with wellness and luxury. 

You can also personalize your Serenity Hot Tub with several available upgrades such as Serenity Sound with Bluetooth Surround Sound Speakers, deluxe LED and Garden FX Lighting options, automatic chemical feeder, two tier steps, starlights, Serenity Falls, HydroFlex Air Therapy Hydrotherapy System, and more.

Hydropool Offers the World's First Carbon Neutral Hot Tubs

Hydropool is committed to minimizing and neutralizing the carbon emissions from its manufacturing processes. Tree Planting Program ensures that they support environmental projects that neutralize the carbon emissions in  manufacturing processes.

Manufactured to optimize both energy and economic conservation

Hydropool is committed to be on the leading edge of developing energy efficient technologies. Our unique Self-Cleaning, and HydroWise Thermal Shield Systems enable us to meet the rigorous energy efficiency standards of the state of California

Hydropool Evergreen Commitment

Under the Hydropool Evergreen Commitment 1 tree is planted for every hot tub sold

World Famous Comfortable and Spacious Design


Each and every Hydropool Serenity Hot Tub mold is hand crafted by experienced designers and is carefully thought out to provide ultimate in comfort, safety, and versatility. 

Three Stage Acrylic Polymer Shell


All Hydropool Serenity shells are vacuum formed from the finest acrylic available today. After the acrylic is vacuum formed, a layer of vinyl ester based loc fiberglass is applied to ensure perfect bonding of the finished shell structure to the acrylic. Finally, several layers of polyester based glass loc fiberglass is applied to make one of the strongest hulls in the industry.

Stainless Steel Versa Massage Hydrotherapy


The ultimate in Hydropool's "Versa Massage System" is the ability to customize the intensity go hydrotherapy to ensure optimal relief for your specific aches, pains, and injuries with a variety of stainless steel massage jets. 

High Performance Heater


Hydropool Serenity Hot Tubs use a corrosion-free and long lasting heater housing contains a fully immersed 4KW heating element that warms the water up quickly and efficiently maintains water temperature

Electronic Controls


Have peace of mind and be assured that you have full control over your hot tub to provide a worry-free environment. Electronic soft touch controls make operating your hot tub a breeze while retaining energy efficiency 

Insulating Hard Cover


HydroWise Insulating Hard Cover uses marine grade vinyl and includes lockable feature to prevent cover from opening during windy conditions while also keeping small animals and children out. Tapered ends allow snow and water to run off cover and away form tub

Automatic Water Purification (Ozone) Ready


When mixed with water ozone is a highly effective oxidizer  that assists in unwanted contaminants form hut tub water. Hydropools Serenity tubs are outfitted with all of the electrical circuits and plumbing to simply add on this popular and convenient option.

Truss Supported Cabinetry with Removable Panels


High quality cabinetry is installed onto a truss supported solid frame for ultimate strength and durability. All four panels are removable for easy service access to plumbing and equipment 

Clean and Clear Skimming Removable Core Micro Filter


Hydropool Serenity Hot Tubs are designed and equipped with a Removable Core Micro filter that makes cleaning the filter a breeze

Industry Leading Guarantee


All Hydropool Hot Tubs are built to stand the test of time and offer an industry leading guarantee package. 

HydroWise Thermal Shield


Hydropool Hot Tubs are recognized by the state of California as an energy efficient appliance due to the energy efficient insulation technology. These tubs use an innovativeThermal Seal Blanket along with a superior 4" HydroWise hardcover to keep the heat in and cold out.

Polymer Base


The entire footprint of every Hydropool Serenity Hot Tub is sealed off with a weather resistant polymer. The base is snugly fastened to the wood support structure and is designed to keep out unwanted pests and animals while keeping the heat in and protecting the hot tub from the elements.

Standard LED Lighting


All Hydropool Serenity Hot Tubs include the added convenience and reliability of Hydropool's LED lighting features. LED lighting glides through a sequence through blue, green, and red colors

Super Soft Pillows


Every Hydropool Serenity Hot Tub includes strategically placed super soft pillow so you can sit back and fully relax while enjoying the unmatched comfort of a Serenity Hot Tub

Safety Grip Handles


Built right into the hot tub mold on every Hydropool Serenity Hot Tub are a number of safety grab handles. These maintenance free handles help you out of the tub with ease

High Flow, Triple Fastened Manifold Plumbing


HYdropool Serenity Hot Tubs are hydraulically balanced to deliver maximum water flow at the jet while delivering a smooth, quiet and energy efficient experience. Plumbing joints are cemented to barbed fittings and then further secured with a hydraulically installed galvanized steel clamp

Serenity is the best hot tub to help you feel the benefits of hydrotherapy, warm, soothing water, invigorating and pulsating jet streams, and natural buoyancy. 

  • adjustable, high-volume hydrotherapy jetting system paired with Wellness Guide puts Hydropool well ahead in the spa industry
  • exclusively-designed zoned jetting delivers a balanced, soothing massage and the desired rejuvenation and hot tub experience

Serenity is the best hot tub for wellness. Hydropool's Wellness Programs utilize varied zones in the hot tub that target various zones of the body. 

Through the understanding of Zone Hydrotherapy and ergonomics of the human body Hydropool has taken the science of immersion to the next level. This level of innovation has created a line of hot tubs that allows them to interact with the human body in the most natural and effective way possible with the introduction of Zone Therapy. 

  • Wellness programs for leg pain, back pain, diet boost, sports recovery, headache, insomnia, stress, and full body awakening
  • Improves circulation, relaxes muscles, reduce tension, enhance your state of mind, relieve stress, sleep better

Zone Therapy

There are 4 zones of the body that are targeted through HydroPool's Zone Therapy

Zone 1: Core Zone | Activation of the Paravertebral Muscles

  • Vertebral fatigue contributes to headaches
  • Release tension in dorsal muscles

Zone 2: Lower Body Zone | Activation of Leg & Lumbar Muscles

  • Promotes improved circulation in the lower part of the body
  • Allows for venous return and lighten legs

Zone 3: Upper Body Zone | Activation of Upper Back, Neck & Shoulder Muscles

  • Eliminates tension in trapezoid muscles and neck
  • Releases tensions in solar plex area

Zone 4: Reflexology Zone | Activation of Foot Arch Muscles

  • Release tension built up from daily impact on feet
  • Deep massage in the small venous areas in feet

Elements that Make-up Each Zone

Type of Jets

  • The type of jet is crucial to a proper massage
  • E55 Jet is designed for deep tissue massage
  • E40 Jet is designed for gentle massage

Jet Placement

  • Hydrotherapy jets are specifically designed for each zone 
  • Different jet patterns are designed to work different muscle groups

Seating...Designed Around You

  • Designed to work with the body's natural structure and functions to provide maximum comfort and functionality
  • Ergonomic sea support the skeletal structure so that the muscular system doesn't have to; it removes stress from muscles and joint so the body relaxes

Duration in Seat

  • The last component of Zone Therapy is duration of time that a person spends in each seat of the hot tub.
  • The duration in seat combined with the sequence of seats is critical to the performance of Zone Therapy.

NASA Inspired Technology

Triple thermal shield technology uses aluminum foil to reflect heat back into the hot tub, as well as black backing and pipes designed to maximize heat absorption. This very same technology is used by NASA to protect its astronauts from the -270 degree cold of outer space.

HydroWise Thermal Shield Insulating System

Innovative HydroWise Thermal Shield Energy efficient insulation along with the HydroWise Hard Cover keeps the heat in and the cold out.Combined with the fact that Hydropool Tubs are engineered to be most energy efficient in the world providing 100℉/ 37℃ for just pennies a day

Comfort and Luxury

Luxury Comfort exceeding your expectations with superior ergonomic design. 

All seating is designed for full body support and comfort.

Programmable Controls

Select your desired water temperature and your hot tub will automatically maintain this setting while conserving as much energy as possible.

High Flow, Low Energy Pumps

pumps are engineered to produce high flow rates with low energy output, resulting in filtration that is 26% more efficient than the competition

Eco Heat Exchange Technology

Fully adjustable venting  through HydroWise Thermal vents that maximize energy efficiency for any season and any climate by reflecting heat back into the hot tub cavity

State of the Art Equipment

Designed to exceed California Regulations. Setting the standard, Hydropools is ranked top 3 in the world for stand-by-wattage and energy efficiency 

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