E-Chem Service

Professional On-Site Water Analysis

Elite Pools and Spas is now offering our new E-Chem Service for 2020. E-Chem Service is a one-time service where one of our Elite technician comes to your home to test your pool/spa water using our professional ClearLink Water Test Analysis System. Our technician will test your pool/spa water on site and will provide a printed water analysis report and a 10 min consultation with chemical recommendations to balance the water. 

We Come to You

No need to leave the house. With our online booking you can sign up for a one-time E-Chem Service on an as needed basis. Our technician will have chemicals on the truck available for additional purchase on-site so you can get all you need without having to leave the house. With our online booking we will also send out email reminders the day before service.

Introductory Rate Pricing

Our E-Chem Service is new and we are currently offering an introductory price of $30.00 paid at the time of booking on a first come first serve basis. If more than one water test is needed (pool and spa) there will be an additional $7.00 charge that will be charged on-site at time of service. Our E-Chem Service day will take place on Tuesdays starting at 11am. We are starting out with 6 slots/week for the E-chem Service and we will send out a weekly email to announce when the next weeks slots are available for booking so be sure to sign up for our email list to be first to know when booking is available.

We service customers within a 15 mile radius from our store location at 9114 Virginia rd Suite 114, Lake in the Hills, IL 60156. If you are outside our service radius please contact our office and we can arrange service with a modified travel charge. 


Why is E-Chem a one-time service?

We are currently offering E-Chem Service as a one-time service to provide professional water analysis service as needed. We know that not every customer will need a water analysis every week so therefore we decided to offer E-Chem Service to our customers as a one-time service. This way there is no monthly/weekly committment involved. 

How far is the service radius for E-Chem Service?

We currently are offering E-Chem Service within a 15 mile radius of our storefront location at 9114 Virginia Rd Suite 114 Lake in the Hills, IL 60156. If you are outside of the service radius please contact our office and we can arrange for E-Chem Service with a modified travel charge. 

What chemicals will be available on the truck?

We will be carrying all standard sanitizers, balancing chemicals, algaecides, and phosphate removers on the truck for additional purchase. 

What if I need a product that is not listed above as being a product on the truck?

If you have an E-Chem Service booked and are in need of additional chemicals or products feel free to contact our office before your scheduled service and we can bring the product you need at the time of your scheduled E-Chem Service.

Do I need to be home for the service?

We prefer that you be home for service so we can provide a consultation of your water test results and provide chemical recommendations to balance the water. 

What if I will not be home for the service?

If you cannot be present we can request that instructions are left for our technician.

We require a payment information on file in advance of the service if chemicals are needed as well as  authorization to use payment information on file. If you are requiring chemicals we request instructions on where to leave them at your home. 

Will I get a reminder/confirmation of my booking of E-Chem Service?

Yes, email and SMS (text) reminders will be sent out to confirm your booking for E-Chem Service. An email confirmation will be sent after booking and SMS reminder will be sent 1 day before your booking date. Please note for SMS reminders additional rates may apply depending on your phone carrier. 

I don't see any bookings available above, what does this mean?

Given the nature of E-Chem Service we currently can only offer limited bookings at this time. We are offering 6 slots per week which will be serviced on Tuesdays. Each week we will send out an email announcing the booking availability for the next week. 

Can I schedule E-Chem Service for a different day of the week?

We currently are only offering E-Chem Service on Tuesdays only at this time.

Will there be more booking slots available in the future?

For right now we are introducing E-Chem Service with 6 booking slots for each week to be serviced on Tuesdays. This could change in the future so make sure to join our email list to be in the know for updates.